Monday, March 06, 2017

Show-Me Pricey Missouri Medical Spying

Politicos throughout the area want access to the medical history of their constituents . . . And it's gonna cost big bucks. Checkit: Alternative Missouri drug database could be one of most expensive in the nation


Anonymous said...

can you fly with a missouri driver's license?

if not, is it ok to drive on vacation in other states, or do you need a passport to go to arkansas?

Anonymous said...

At best all this money will do nothing except increase the member of prosecutions and in many cases they wont even be able to prosecute unless they catch the perp red handed. This isn't going to stop anyone from getting prescriptions. It is not going to put pressure on doctors. It will provide bureaucrats with jobs and that continued cycle of generating bullshit statistics to build a bigger program and bigger government departments. All of this baloney on the track to passage without a single public statistic on how this program will save tax payers a damn dime or save a single life. Just more local yokel snooping and labeling and bullshit.