Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Show-Me Missouri Vs. Ticketmaster!!!

State lawmakers are finally getting tough with one of the worst monopolies in American history and the middle-men who make just about any concert just a little bit worse. Take a look:

Missouri Bill Would Allow You to Resell Concert Tickets Without All the BS

click to enlarge Answering the prayers of concertgoers everywhere - especially those traumatized by Ticketmaster's paperless tickets - a bill now pending in the Missouri House would seek to ban non-transferable ticketing systems that prevent individuals from selling or gifting tickets that belong to them.


Anonymous said...

You Sprint Center critics should give a thumbs up. They don't use TicketMaster. They use AXS.

And speaking for naming rights:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, at least AXS allows electronic delivery of paper tickets that can be printed, but the service fees are insane. For the last event I attended at Sprint Center, tickets were $60 each and AXS tacked on an additional $18 "service fee" per ticket.

Anonymous said...

ticketmaster seems like first generation. it should be made more user-friendly.