Monday, March 13, 2017

Show-Me Missouri Dark Money Fear

Rep. John Rizzo was the only Democratic Party leader to win with strong community connections and support for labor during the Trump Tidal Wave of 2016 . . . No he continues his advocacy against GOP corporatism and shady political financing with this great public radio talk . . . Dark Money In The Capital


Anonymous said...

Yip Dems never been involved with anything shady nope.

Anonymous said...

^^^So what's your point?^^^ Libs were shady so it's OK for republicans to be shady too? Are you really that dumb..oh wrote "YiP' instead of "yep" so that answers that.

Anonymous said...

Rizzo is the last person to be talking about ethics when he "won" his first race by one vote after his aunt uncle were found guilty of illegally voting in his district. Plus, I received more mailers from him than all other politicians combined which makes me wonder where he gets so much campaign money for a local race.

Anonymous said...

12:17 - If, if, if, if, if, a simple "Yip" tossed in with snarked truth about Democrims triggers some snowflake, then you're okie doke.

Remember when the great orator, Harvard law grad said "corpse-man" for corpsman? Plus, Barry said he's been to all 57 states!

Talk about DUMB.