Friday, March 31, 2017


President Trump has his hands full in the nation's capitol fighting Democratic Party opposition and, just as we predicted, a vicious rivalry with Republican elite as well.

And so . . .


Any student of history realizes that Kansas City's Liberty Memorial is kind of a bummer and represents an old world view and the tragic mistaken belief regarding a war to end all wars wherein so many young men died for nothing.

Meanwhile, Kansas City has never been very welcoming to the Prez so we can understand his trepidation to return despite the hopes of the newspaper and one of may Kansas City "attractions" that consistently loses money . . .

You decide . . .


Byron Funkhouser said...

Der Fuhrer isn't fighting the Democrats in Washington.

17 Intelligence Agencies have said that the Russians interfered with our election.

7 people with connections to Der Fuhrer's campaign admitted to meeting with Russian officials after first denying this.

Michael Flynn, who has said that people who ask for immunity are guilty, has asked for immunity.

Der Fuhrer has committed treason, & he can't blame this on any one else.

Anonymous said...

10 Democrats who met with Russian officials and lied about it.

1 John Holden

2 Claire McCaskill

3 Sheldon Whitehouse

4 Mary Landreu

5 Amy Klobuchar

6 Dianne Feinstein

7 Jack Reed

8 Bob Casey

9 Maria Cantwell

10 Nancy Pelosi

Byron learn how to differentiate between propaganda and fact. Put up or shut up.

You want treason look into the Clinton foundation, and also Mr. Anti Semitic cockroach brown Obama's ties to ISIS which he calls ISIL. ISIL (not ISIS) is a racist label,and he also supports it!!!!!!!

Bryon you need to change your name to Bill Ayers.

Anonymous said...

Der Funkenhauser's guiding principle:

" If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. " - Joseph Goebbels

Anonymous said...

That is Obama's philosophy to a tee

Anonymous said...

Trump is not a Communist.

Anonymous said...

Sec. of State Tillerson will probably be there. Invitations were sent to the heads of state of all allied powers as well as all countries that fought in the war.

Interested to see if China and Russia send delegates since they were both on the side of the allied powers (Russia until they pursued a separate peace following the bolshevik revolution).

The French Blue angels are going to be there too.

Anonymous said...

RoosKY Trump?

I don't like.

Anonymous said...

Any student of history realizes that Kansas City's Liberty Memorial is kind of a bummer

Try going there once.

Anonymous said...

11:50 a.m., those intelligence agencies are lying, just trading back and forth the same CIA know, the CIA that has interfered with governments all the way from Central American to the MIddle East for 70 fucking years.

And now, for their own purposes, they are screwing with ours.

Don't be a fool.

Anonymous said...

I could see Trump giving a speech at the memorial, "it's good to be here, at the monument that celebrates out independence from the French."

Don’t you need a license to be that ugly? said...

I saw a huge ass black lady go into a major screaming melt down earlier today calling the little lady checking her out a white bitch because she wouldn't fix the machine so she could pay for her dog food using her EBT card.

I looked at the lady and thought, I bet she is a carbon copy of Byron's wife.

Anonymous said...

5:20 - "celebrates out independence"? Sounds like you're the one lacking intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Der Funky@11:50 isn't fighting his demons in West Virginny. But, he has committed trickery with cherry picking, and he can blame that only on himself. Get googling, B'lieRON, and learn about U.S. of A's meddling in elections across the globe.

The Long History Of U.S. Interfering With Elections Elsewhere--Washington Post--10/13/2016

The U.S. Has Been Meddling In Other Countries' Elections For A Century--Huffington Post--07/27/2016

Obama Administration Sent Taxpayer Money To Oust Netanyahu--Washington Times--07/12/2016

L.A. Times--12/21/2016

The New American--12/22/2016

So, immunity was good enough last year for Hilly's IT bud, Bryan Pagliano, who pled the fifth over 125 times. He didn't want to elaborate on those loads of erased yoga, wedding planning, and pantsuits shopping emails from unsecured servers he set up in her Chappaqua home.

Well, perhaps some in the 17 intel agencies will bring cybersecurity collections from that very big Barry file at Ft G. Meade. Bet there's a fat file on this for one mess of meddling:

Obama Administration Sent Taxpayer Money To Oust Netanyahu--Washington Times--07/12/2016

Anonymous said...

claire couldn't persuade him.

plus, she's no longer representing missouri, but herself.

Anonymous said...

They finally tore down the Old Mule Barn in Warrensburg where the shipped all the mules out for the war.

Anonymous said...

Byron gets his ass kicked again!

Anonymous said...


Put a Golf Course up at pecker point and our sovereign leader will come