Friday, March 03, 2017

Prez Trump And The Media Game

Great analysis from a one-time Kansas City blogger offers a perspective how Prez Trump might view the media beyond talk about Free Speech and much more concerned with the bottom line. Take a look: To Trum0p News Media is Just Another Business | Bottom Line Communications PR Firm


Anonymous said...

Tell us something we don't know.

Anonymous said...

He is wrong. No one need the media, especially given it's recent behaver.

Anonymous said...

Does Jordan Rock use his brother's famous stand-up comedy routine, "the difference between a black man and a nigger"?

Anonymous said...

Bias, crookedness, and lying by the Big 3 of broadcast news: ABC, CBS, & NBC was reported in a recent study. The 3 had portrayed all things Trump in mostly negative slants throughout his first month in office. This work by the Media Research Center finds 54% of the total coverage for all news in that 30 days, was aimed at Prez Trump. And of the generous 54%, their telling of Trump news was broadly "hostile". Rates for the numbers of "corrections" to the "fake news" went higher toward the end of those thirty days. The 3 did "corrections" most often following other medias' conflicting content of the same topics.


Richard C. Lambert said...

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