Thursday, March 02, 2017

Nobody Is Gonna Ask About Taxpayer Funded VisitKC Launching FOR PROFIT Biz???

Really surprised that all of my fellow newshounds let this one pass . . . Local leaders tout a "first of its kind" biz that should raise the eyebrows of more curious souls given the lack of any notes about a firewall betwixt KCMO funding and this private biz . . . OR maybe everybody is cool with City Hall providing more subsidy for those imaginary 24 million tourists every year. Take a look: Visit KC opens a business on the side


Anonymous said...

Looks very much like a way to pay some large salaries without needing to disclose them. And lots of other ways to hide transactions. But since there is virtually no media in town not owned by the political class my question is why bother?

Ladies Who Lunch said...

WTH? Show me the RFP!!