Sunday, March 05, 2017

Lindsay And Kansas City Sunday Night

Hottie Lindsay Lohan recently claimed that she was racially profiled for wearing a headscarf as the nation struggles with the ongoing fight betwixt security vs. oppressive policies . . . And all of this inspires just a quick moment of reflection on these Kansas City news links tonight . . .

Tragic Courthouse Aftermath Report Regarding EPIC Judgement
$100 Million Judgment In Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Case In Kansas City
Helping People Never Pays Off
Pastor says church was set on fire by someone he tried to help
Dead Tree Media Fears End of The World
Editorial: Warm winter is a reminder that the era of climate extremes is here
And this is the OPEN THREAD for Sunday night . . .


Anonymous said...

Lindsay is a bad lady.

Anonymous said...

weather happens.

Anonymous said...

Don't talk about climate change here Tony, your readers are too stupid to comprehend it. They have been told by their bettors that there is no such thing, so like the idiot little lemmings they are, they regurgitate that back up any chance they get. Just wait for some of the cuckoo responses on here. I place the over/under on "snowflakes" at 2...libtards at 3...what about the ice age? at 1..and some random Hillary shit at 2.

Anonymous said...

"...told by their bettors...." So now we're bookies?

Having read the editorial in question, I fear that Diuguid may be back at the Star. It is that level of dumb.