Thursday, March 02, 2017

KCK Mayor Comeback After Criticism???

Last year he bungled statements on a deadly police shooting, presided over a great deal of civic slap-fighting and increasingly bad economic circumstances . . . Still, a great deal of upbeat and sympathetic mainstream media has this politico on the upswing . . . At least compared with other local politicos who are far more embattled. Checkit: Mayor Mark Holland Says KCK Is Rising, But Challenges Remain

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Anonymous said...

When's the last time this guy ever told the truth? 2 Mils? Some old election crap. No worries, you're in to make sure the next scam, American Royal gets shoved down the throats of its over taxed citizens. What's the old saying in KCK? How do you know when the Unified thugs are lying? Their lips are moving.