Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Kansas City Tuesday Afternoon Smart Links

Hottie Tessa Fowler inspires this peek at some of the most important local news links this afternoon as she shows off her brains in a smart new look. And now, here's more than two scoops of KCMO content . . .

Cowtown Newsie Cleanup
Tornadoes, storms damage nearly 500 homes & businesses near Kansas City
Golden Ghetto Damage Report
JoCo airport recovering from storm, 45 to 50 planes damaged
Kansas City Tech Hookup Site
International coworking firm WeWork taps Crossroads for big space
Show-Me Disaster Politics
Greitens visits Oak Grove, promises 'every possible' resource for assistance
Po'Folk Teachable Moment
Score 1 Program Puts Kansas City Med Students In Real-World Classrooms
Fear Kansas City Poultry Problems
Experts warn chicken owners to intensify biosecurity
Old & New School Kansas City Update
Royals rookies who can make an impact in 2017
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Gov Grieten shouldn't speak.

Anonymous said...

Cuts healthcare and school lunches and claims to provide Federal Disaster Assistance. Bwaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

Why is Tessa wearing pants in that photo?!!!

It should always be no pants Tuesday said...

^^^ Excellent question.

Anonymous said...

She would be cuter with realist tits.