Friday, March 03, 2017

Kansas City Real Life Links: Midtown Homeless Crisis Growing Worse

Quick update on all things Kansas City tonight . . .

Notice the local hobo class are pushing past the Midtown corridor and moving into Brookside and around Loose Park as of late.This poor soul was catching a nap cussing out strangers as the weather grew just a bit more chilly tonight whilst the park and surrounding neighborhoods are coping with an increased homeless population moving South . . .

Meanwhile, here's a few more links that we're checking tonight . . .

Kansas City High Class Weekend
Cultures Without Borders art exhibit opens this weekend
Rock Chalk International Scandal
Kansas Trump supporters react to Russia controversy
Trash Talk Allegations Confront Local B-Ball Dude
Park Hill basketball coach suspended for district title game as he's investigated for allegedly using racial slur
Kansas Cash Confidence
Steve Rose: School funding ruling lets lawmakers do their job
One More Cowtown Link Just For Fun
Holy cow! Officers heard 89 cattle running through Johnson County after rollover crash
And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Town Crier said...

KCPD cleared out a homeless camp in Penn Park just north of 31st St to prep for St Paddy, no wonder there is an outbreak in the south!

Anonymous said...

The only people that give a damn about Trumps non existent Russian connection are a pack of nutty old fat Democrats, the media and the screwballs that are dumb enough to believe in the Twilight Zone. Talk about an award winning work of science fiction. Just an example of how low some will go in an effort to assassinate someones character.

Anonymous said...

Hell, the coach just called a spade, a spade. No problem.

Anonymous said...

who thinks trump is a communist? who thinks he's naive?

ok, then what is this sll about?

answer: fake news.

but, really, it's not tricking the public either.

it's only reverbrating in the alt-left echo chamber.