Monday, March 06, 2017

Kansas City Mayor Sly Teachable Moment

PR event coverage today offers a glimpse at top top politico in Kansas City playing nice and probably not mentioning an impeding property tax uptick over upcoming generations. Checkit: Mayor Sly James answers questions at high school town hall


Anonymous said...

Did he bring his trademark bullhorn? Did he do a little tap dance?

It's kind of him to make an interruption in his feeding schedule to talk to these kids. Now, back to eating and lying between gobbled mouthfuls.

Anonymous said...

Lying Sly won't cross the river for a town hall, the kids North of the river would call him on his bullshit.
The real taxpayers of KCMO would tear his fat ass apart.

Anonymous said...

Go vote, there's your Democracy. Sorry we forgot to fix the sewers you paid for.