Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kansas City Cars And Coffee Clip

One of the best new traditions in town . . . A local mini-auto show almost every weekend.

Take a look at the latest gathering.

As the local Internets offers yet another glimpse of Kansas City beyond polite MSM conversation . . .

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Anonymous said...

I kid you not, I washed my '03 white suburban, sprayed a little paint on the rocker panel rust; you couldn't even tell it was there, some shine on the tires... Bottom line, I wheeled in to show off my digs and those a-holes waved me off? WTF. I chucked her into reverse right over the curb and onto the sidewalk right on the island; premo, like a boss. Got a great cup o' joe and revved it up really loud when I left (from the leaking exhaust) 'cause it can't spin the tires anymore. I'll definitely find the next KC cars n' coffee.