Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Kansas City Ass Wednesday News Part Deux

Candice booty hotness brings us up to speed and inspires us to keep up today with all of this important pool of local links amid a holy day of obligation . . . Dive right in:

Big Bucks Fix Old & Busted Kansas City
Iconic fountain along Ward Parkway getting major repairs thanks to generous neighbors
Money Loser Already Underway
New grocery store expected to improve quality of life in east KCMO
Protestant Quickie Copy-Cats
Two local churches offering Ash Wednesday drive-thru
Sunflower State Capture
Man wanted in nationwide manhunt arrested in Kansas
Show-Me Crackdown In Jeff City
Missouri Senate votes down LGBT discrimination protections
Fascinating Dead Tree Media Feature
Disappearance of Overland Park woman remains a heart-wrenching mystery, 40 years later
Flyover Country Traveling Music
Think Driving I-70 Is Boring? Not For This Kansas Songwriter
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Candice ass is no joke.

Sorry. Not sorry.

Anonymous said...

Dream babe huh?

Anonymous said...

Tony was influenced heavily by Maxim.

Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not a chick. Especially in Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

^^^ We are glad as well.

Theresa Garza said...

I will be re-entering the political arena next year. Stay tuned. I have missed you all!

Anonymous said...


Candice to TKC readers: "Give my piece a chance!!!"

Anonymous said...

Lawrence is not the place to go to dry out from an Indiana music scene.

Byron Funkhouser said...

I see that it's 52 degrees in Kansas City, today.

It'a 65 degrees in Antarctica.

Of course, the solution to global climate change is to burn more coal, because coal miners need jobs.

Anonymous said...

Isn't WV considered THE coal mining state? SO you want more of your neighbors to loose their jobs or stay unemployed?

Byron...admit it. You won't be happy until everyone is a loser like you.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Roy Spencer, former NASA scientist and Lord Christopher Monckton, British mathematician, show fault with the computer models said to support human caused 'climate change'. Many more in their professions agree with them, and most say much data put forth by other scientists and the "Al Gores" is purposefully hoaxy for varying objectives. A main aim is financial gain.

Never mind all the egghead and greed-geared quibbling over whose science has certitude, or how to win friends or fool people. All that unclean coal, too many cars, crowded cities, and cutting down forests may not be the worst of worries. NUTCASES WITH NUKES---NOW THAT SHIT IS THE "CLIMATE CHANGER"!!!