Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Kansas City Ass Wednesday Morning

Claudia Romani hotness at a recent tattoo shop photo shoot inspires this return to the Kansas City mainstream media links as we restart the local culture war following a Presidential shout-out to our part of the nation last night. Take a look:

Celebrate Cowtown Promo Graffiti
VIDEO: Street art that shows Kansas City pride
KCK Tax Cut Time???
Mayor says property taxes will be reduced
New Yorker Covers Kansas
The Kansas Shootings and Trump's America
Tragic Local Traffic Crash???
Raytown man dies in crash on I-35 in Lenexa
Border War Bragging Rights
National publication ranks Kansas higher than Missouri
Golden Ghetto Groundbreaking
Shawnee paves way for Amazon distribution center
Kansas City Season Of Time Underway
Royals Report: Peter O'Brien Show Continues In 6-3 Win
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Anonymous said...

Gotta love our city managers huh?

Court ruling says KC must pay $10 million for trash rebates

“The court finds that the city knowingly, intentionally and deliberately chose to not to comply with the modified judgment by eliminating the trash rebate program,” Circuit Judge James Van Amburg wrote in his ruling.

He found the city will owe members of the class-action lawsuit $10.2 million for actual and special damages, plus attorneys fees. He also said the city must pay $2,846 per day until it complies with its trash collection obligations.

The city said it plans to appeal.

Anonymous said...

They are all a bunch of focking crooks what did you expect honesty and competence?