Monday, March 06, 2017

Kansas City After The Rain News Links

Remember that once again Jordan Carver hotness keeps us safe as we collect the top Kansas City news links this evening . . .

Kansas City Compares Balls
Hail up to tennis ball-sized reported in parts of the metro
Weather Aftermath Tonight
Kansas City Weather Forecast, Radar | 41 Action News | KSHB-TV
Another Look At BIG HAIL BALLS!!!
Hail, wind and rain pummel the metro, leaving damage behind
Dead Tree Media Makes GOP Demands
Editorial: Roy Blunt must help sort fact from fiction in Trump wiretap claims
Meet The New Sunflower State Honcho
The Kansas Democrats' Fresh-Faced New Chairman: John Gibson
Kansas City Doggie Rights Support
Royals' Danny Duffy throws support behind ballot question for new animal shelter
Enjoy Kansas City Doggie Burritos
Chipotle Fundraiser for KC Pet Project * KC Pet Project (KCPP)
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Anonymous said...

Does Danny Duffy live in KCMO ?

Anonymous said...

Teevee showing the damages from storms and tornado(s) looks FUBAR for Oak Grove and some cities near that area.

It's hoped the recoveries go well. Gov. Big Guns Greitens (a compliment-he's a gutsy good guy) will get quick help to the "SHOW ME" State's disaster areas. I hope Veep Pence comes back to MO, and urges volunteers from his home state. Midwestern values are the best.