Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Jackson County Prison Riot Blame Game

Law enforcement fighting continues after a ruckus among inmates earlier in the week . . .

Fox4: Johnson County Mo., sheriff says he disagrees with statement sent out by Jackson County Detention Center


Sheriff Scott Munsterman says it is concerning to him that they Johnson County, Mo., is being accused of having operational issues.

"This type of public statement implies that something was done incorrectly by Johnson County Personnel or that the policies or procedure in place are inadequate. The entire incident was initiated by the Jackson County inmates and not the Johnson County personnel," Munsterman said.

He said if it was not for the swift action and response of Johnson County employees there could have been a totally different outcome last week.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Why can't we have a respectable jail? We pay dearly for it. Now our embarrassment of a jail has the nerve to question the operations of another. I'm humiliated to be a tax paying Jackson County resident.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sheriff Munsterman,

On behalf of the taxpayers of Jackson County, we humbly apologize for the ignorant statements of our elected officials. Our County Executive and Corrections Center Director and staff are an embarrassment to the hard working folks that are just trying to get by and pay our taxes.

Unfortunately, the human plague that was occupying you jail destroys our communities. Our elected officials and judges do not have the will to properly deal with these individuals. They are emboldened with this knowledge which leads to problems like what happened at your jail.
I hope the damage to your jail was minimal and no hard feelings should you decide to send us the bill for repair. Please don't judge us by the idiots that rule us.

Sincerely, The Jackson County Taxpayer

Anonymous said...

kill them all and let god sort them out