Monday, March 20, 2017

Hard Times Hit Hickman Mills School District

Tragic info regarding hobo students along with a hint of just a bit of the administrative NIGHTMARES in the district . . . Here's a classroom report worth a peek: Teachers, Administrators In Hickman Mills Continue Adjusting To Rotating Students


Anonymous said...

No reader comments on KCUR page...absolutely end any funding to these bought and sold insiders.

Anonymous said...

Wobble chairs, bubble toys, and blasting sirens, huh? Sure, we had those things a couple generations ago. There were those thick paddles hanging from the nuns' desk drawers that made the real bad baddies' sore asses WOBBLE in their chairs alright! Some of the little shits got to make plenty of BUBBLES, too, when detentions after school were spent scrubbing church, rectory, or school floors and such with soapy smelly ammonia. And, those SIRENS (Sister Don'tMakeMeBlisterYa, Sister ScrubbingBubbles, and Sister BustedYerDamnEardrums) sounded each time any of the classes lost the privelege of recess. We learned real fast to yell and play, OUTSIDE ONLY.

Anonymous said...

Carpenter's Magnet Schools at Baptiste and Santa Fe aren't going to do anything to address this "churn" issue, if anything it will make it worse. Any neighborhood in HMSD has the potential of EIGHT busses a day picking up kids. Solid neighborhood schools with resources would have been the way to spend the bond money, not on his pet projects. What a waste and now he's leaving the mess he helped create to someone else while he's off to bigger salary. We'll see how long Lee's Summit puts up with his waste and shenanigans.