Friday, March 24, 2017


The world's most accurate encyclopedia informs us that the central principle of freerunning is that one should express oneself by moving fluidly in one's environment; there are no limitations on the form of this movement.

Better yet, it's a bit less "French-y" than Parkour.

These locals demonstrate their acrobatic talents on the streets of downtown Kansas City in this recent clip.

Sadly, a great many haters always deride these kind stunts despite the fact that keyboard warriors would easily break their neck if they attempted any of these local feats of strength or athleticism.

You decide . . . 


chuck said...

That was actually pretty cool and those kids are staying really healthy.

Next stop, Hollywood.

Stunt doubles.

Anonymous said...

Heartland Men's Freerunners??

Anonymous said...

I always thought that was called jacking around. At least that's what my parents used to say when I was playing as a kid. Fancy new times, fancy new words.