Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fear The History Of Kansas Abortion Politics

An important read for Sunday . . . Check this great primer on the debate over baby-killing in the Sunflower State and how the wedge issue has essentially been used to undermine the Democratic Party.

Take a look:

Rewire: The Tangled History Behind Kansas’ Anti-Choice Democrats

Money line . . .

"Today’s anti-choice Democrats are the product of Roman Catholic influence in the party, that party’s traditional reluctance to champion reproductive rights in the state, and moderate Methodist Republicans backing their church’s efforts to remove abortion from criminal codes. Understanding political and religious alignments in Kansas—and particularly how they shifted from the 1960s to the 1980s—can help explain this strong contingent of Democrats who oppose abortion. They will become even more important political players in coming legislative debates about SB 98 and HB 2319, two versions of a bill that requires doctors to detail their medical credentials, malpractice insurance, and past disciplinary action to clients seeking abortions."

Accordingly . . .


Letting Republicans dictate the terms of this debate has led to ruin and the future of Democratic Party . . . If there is one, involves standing up to their own party as well as calling out the GOP for their chest thumping but lack of action on this wedge issue.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Fear everything

Anonymous said...

It's a VERY interesting dichotomy when you find the typical Liberal Democrat who is a strident supporter of pro-choice, Planned Parenthood, open immigration, candidates like Hillary Clinton, pro-gun control, big federal government, high taxes, and increased regulation.

On the abortion issue, they insist that the individual must be afforded their personal choice, even though it means an unborn life will be extinguished.

They plead that Planned Parenthood, a private entity, is deserving of public tax dollar support, instead of being self-sustaining like most businesses.

On immigration, they like to view themselves as some kind of saintly Statue of Liberty come-to-life, perfectly willing to ignore that "illegal aliens" are indeed illegal.

Hillary Clinton was one of the most corrupt American presidential candidates in our nation's history. That she came close to occupying the White House is a testament to just how broken the Democratic Party, and the 2-party system have become.

On gun control, funny that they don't want the individual to make their own personal choice on whether to be a gun owner or not? Every abortion necessitates the taking of a life, but none of my friends or family who own guns have ever killed anyone. Most police officers never fire their weapon during the performance of their law enforcement duties.

Anonymous said...

A gun is not a fetus, it's a choice?

Byron Funkhouser said...

3:17, do you really think that Hillary would have been a worse President than The Dump?

How would that even be possible?

The choice was clear: a woman, or a rapist. America choose the rapist.