Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Clay Chastain Seyz Kansas City Star 'Fake News' Offers False Narrative Of His Plan

The latest update from Kansas City's most prolific transit activist argues with their recent comparison . . .

Kansas City Star offers up fake news story... "Rival streetcar petitions headed for August ballot."

Kansas City's paper of record continues amassing a poor record in terms of inaccurate and biased reporting over the transit controversy in Kansas City.

Today's Star article by Lynn Horsley titled, "Rival Kansas City streetcar petitions headed for August ballot" is completely false, misleading, agenda-driven, and thus, "fake news."

Horsley says, "Two contradictory streetcar petition initiatives are headed for Kansas City's Aug. 8 ballot." That is a false narrative.

One of the petition initiatives was authored by me and calls FOR A CITYWIDE VOTE to transform the city's 2.2 mile downtown streetcar system (slow moving streetcars that stop every 2-blocks and operate in traffic) into a citywide rail system where the streetcars operate at much faster speeds, stop less frequently and operate in dedicated "transit greenways" separated from traffic. The service area of this junior light rail system would also be expanded by an auxiliary electric bus system and new citywide bike way network.

The other petition initiative calls for prohibiting any fixed-rail expansion (like my plan) WITHOUT A CITYWIDE VOTE.
(1) So if my rail expansion petition plan calls for a "citywide vote", where is the "rivalry"?

(2) If my rail expansion petition plan calls for "citywide vote", how are the two plans "contradictory"?

To add more to this confusing, manipulative and fake news story by the Star (now a paper with an agenda) is the picture at the top of the article referring to another streetcar effort to expand the city's current downtown streetcar system (and how it operates) to the Plaza / UMKC via a restricted or WITHOUT A CITYWIDE VOTE.

The fact is, contrary to what the Star and Lynn Horsley are reporting, the two petition initiatives on the August ballot are fully compatible with each other. What the Star does not want to report (again fake news) is that both these petition initiatives are "rivals" of, and "contradictory" to, (and were circulated because of), the Regional Transit Alliance's (RTA) plan to expand the city's archaic streetcar system to the Plaza via a NON-CITYWIDE VOTE!!!

It is no secret the Star has previously backed the city's current streetcar system and the RTA's scheme to expand it via a restricted election.

So what say the Star's new editorial board and publisher about their paper's fake (agenda driven) news story designed to call attention away from wherein lies the real conflict?

Clay Chastain...leader of the petition initiative to transform the city's downtown streetcar system into a far more effective attractive and citywide rail system via a citywide vote!


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