Thursday, March 02, 2017

Big Picture: Public Transit Stays Losing Despite Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar Hype

Great link shared from our reader community . . . Accordingly, with options like telecommuting, UBER and more avenues for private ride sharing services . . . Americans are turning away from both buses and rail transit. In Kansas City, the increasing likelihood of getting shot or stabbed near the bus is also part of the search for alternatives. Take a look: Are Americans Abandoning Transit


Anonymous said...

The professional writers know everything.

I'm surprised leadership hasn't consulted with the media to make important decisions on everything.

Anonymous said...

Data shows KC streetcar entertaining millions.

By day she's just a humble soccer mom living in the suburbs. By night, she put's on her I'm so sexy look and heads for the exciting KC urban core for fun and amusement.

On the commute in her new Escalade, Cindy scrolls on her phone to seek out a parking spot in vibrant north midtown, where she will enjoy a short walk to the nearest streetcar stop. Upon boarding the crowded standing room only streetcar, she hears a familiar shout out - wow it's Cindy! So beautiful!

Wut up replies Cindy.

Cindy is not alone in her dedication to this marvelous urban amenity. Like New York City, Kansas City is leading the way toward becoming a big transit oriented metro.

She presses the buzzer for her first stop at a popular watering hole.....

Anonymous said...

Not a surprise that this post is coming from this guy: