Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Big Bucks For UMKC Honcho Amid EPIC Missouri Higher Ed Bonus Giveaway

Great stuff today from the U-News . . . Here's one more that deserves a click amid ongoing education cuts. Checkit: Chancellor Morton Received "Excessive" $194,608 Bonus | Missouri State Auditor Says UM System Paid Out More than $2 Million in "Inappropriate Bonuses"


I Smell Bullshit said...

Fucking bonus for doing what? Did the hourly support team employees for the school all get a huge bonus as well?

Super Dave said...

"inappropriate bonuses"

Very dead on statement.

Anonymous said...

In a time when 80 percent of kids get no real return on their college investment they are paying record dollars to attend school and the brass is acting just like a Chase Manhattan CEO. Fucking corrupt libtards.

Anonymous said...

overpaid college administrators is a national phenomenon.

it's part of the elite ripping off schtick.

trustees are giving away other people's money, which is easy to do.

common sense seems lacking in much of academia.