Wednesday, March 01, 2017


A quick update on his legal fight and challenges to local politicos and media from our favorite transit activist . . .

Chastain challenges the city's wayward leadership (and the press) with new transit plan and lawsuits.

When you start hearing little from Kansas City's rabble-rousers you'll know it's a good sign Kansas City is reforming and moving forward. But, no doubt, not quite yet.

Legal motions have now been filed (from both sides) over the City's effort to get thrown out of court 2-lawsuits I have filed against Mayor Sly James and former City Attorney, Bill Geary, alleging malfeasance of office. I allege that both of these public officials not only committed wrongful acts of misconduct that were injurious to me and two light rail initiatives from the people challenging their leadership), but their wrongful acts also violated the public trust and the spirit of the city's charter in regards to petitions from the people.

If Kansas City's government does not abide by the spirit of its own laws (the city charter), then the people will lose faith in its reality.
These two lawsuits go to the heart of what has ailed Kansas City for decades...a lack of quality leaders with vision; a lack of leaders who will listen to and serve the people's interests; and a lack of leaders who will not abuse their authority, rather act within their authority.

Kansas City has also been handicapped by a press that too often sides with (and gives unfair and unbalanced coverage in behalf of) the establishment's initiatives and not initiatives from the people. Kansas City's media does not do fake news, but it does do news with an agenda, for instance...

(1) Bill Grady of KMBZ news has been hounding me for weeks because he wants to do a story on me. I have refused because I do not trust Bill or KMBZ news. Bill has been trying to get some dirt on me...Bill called the private YMCA organization in Bedford (to which I belong) and talked to its President. He wanted to know if they had any issues with me and if I was a full-time member in good standing!! Yet, Bill and KMBZ news do not want to provide the people with any details of my two lawsuits against the city, or any detailed info about my new rapid citywide streetcar petition plan now before the council.
(2) Lynn Horsley of the Kansas City Star always tries to put me in a bad light (as do most of the Star reporters and editors, except Matt Campell). The Star also gave Mayor James and the city's streetcar plan 10,000% more coverage than they gave to the last light rail initiative (2016 election) from the people.
(3) KCUR public radio (Frank Morris and Steve Kraske) is also notorious for over covering everything Mayor James and his cabal of elitists propose, while downplaying and keeping in the dark light rail initiatives from the people.

If Kansas City's media does not abide by the ethics of journalism - fair, balanced and objective coverage - then the people will lose faith in its reality, as well.

Lincoln worried whether a nation with such a divine mission as ours, could long endure. It will not, if government does not stop serving the interests of the elite and the press does not stop serving the interests of itself.

Clay Chastain, community activist and leader of the new petition to revitalize Kansas City and its transit system by transforming the city's slow and limited streetcar system into a more rapid and citywide rail system, complimented by a new auxiliary electric bus system and bikeway network.


Anonymous said...

wtf?? this guy must be a complete idiot. Why does he love to bother kc so much? What is his connection? He doesn't fucking live here, why can't he go bother his own city? I mean, geez give it a rest dude, it's been 15 yrs and nobody likes you.

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh. Someone is out on a Pass from the nuthouse again.

Byron Funkhouser said...

2:02, it annoys you that other people have free will?

Why do I comment on this blog?

Because I have free will, & I like annoying assholes. I don't care if "nobody likes you", because I don't like you. I'm not running for office, I don't have to suck up to racist, ignorant assholes so they will vote for me.

Clay owns property in Kansas City. You could say that he's merely watching out for his investments.

Anonymous said... one is denying your right to be an asshole.
Actually, you are quite accomplished at it.
Here is your snowflake to put on your refrigerator.

Anonymous said...

No he doesn't own property in KCMO.

Anonymous said...

But Byron says he does. Like Byron said Hillary would win HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

TOOT TOOT TOOT TOO OOT otherwise called Clay Farts

Anonymous said...

Damn Clay! Haven't you figured out that it isn't the news that is fake. It is KC that is fucking fake.