Sunday, February 26, 2017

Waldo Week Celebrates Defiant Decline Of Kansas City Working-Class Community

This festival of quaint small biz amid fast food and chain store dominance offers a peek at how one community is losing the fight against rising crime and and crumbling infrastructure. And we'll try to overlook the fact that Wornall remains one of the ugliest streets in the metro after billboard companies broke City Council will to enforce visual blight rules & regs. Still, here's an opportunity to garner a few deals and remember glory days of a neighborhood that mostly moved to lower JoCo. Checkit: Waldo Week | Waldo Area Business Association

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Anonymous said...

Wornall is the only street in KC that has some personality.
You want to see the ugliest street ever go to 135th, (Boring)! No personality, just chains and stoplights.