Tuesday, February 28, 2017


New clip from Kansas City Public Television offers a peek at the history of local schools.

It's mostly depressing and reveals a great deal of economic disparity cleverly disguised by racial clashes. On the bright side, test scores are improving for the KCPS because Missouri education officials are desperately afraid of ongoing drama.

Check the description . . .

"It has taken us more than a century to get here. That's the first thing we come to realize as we explore the current state of K-12 education systems across the Kansas City metro. A host of interesting characters, challenging times, and complex issues created both the successes and failures we're currently experiencing in districts from Blue Valley to Hickman Mills to Kansas City, Kansas. Come with us as we examine the past and seek to learn from our collective experiences."

Take a look:

Developing . ..


Anonymous said...

That many years and they are still screaming for more money and delivering morons.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that the KCMO desegregation case and subsequent busing had anything to do with the collapse of the education system here?

Anonymous said...

10:09, you got part of it. It's not just a race story. Poverty and priorities played big parts. The bad dads did damage by their drinking, drugging, disappearing, and other misdeeds (some moms made these same messes). Drama mamas didn't help by their blaming and shaming the bad dads' lads and lasses. Simply put, the breakdown of family values (black, white, all the rest, whether or not they were money blessed) brought bigly growing flight and blight. So, for decades now, TOO MANY KIDS AND THEIR SCHOOLS AREN'T ALRIGHT!

Anonymous said...

^^^Tried to rhyme, but it's way past bedtime!