Friday, February 24, 2017


Media panic over this story reminds us that Kansas City loves a good human interest story even if they have very little regard for so many other people who cook their food, cut their lawn and clean their house who are also facing a crackdown from La Miga. Read more: Uncertainty surrounding British boy's stay in Kansas City


Anonymous said...

Send that boy to Mexico. They know how to save peoples lives down there.

Anonymous said...

Who are the bigger scam artists in this story? The Unified Government or the TV station?

A few years ago when they wanted to pass a huge bond issue in KCK (which was placed on an April ballot), they used a child who was hit by a bus to sell it to the idiots of KCK. I know because I was at the meeting when the 9th floor trash from hell discussed 'how will we sell this to our people?' Some of them laughed and said how useful this was for being on a April, when low turned out was was a key.

Sometime later, a TV reporter stood on the street, in the dark and said if only there had been sidewalks this wouldn't have happened. Cracked or no sidewalks are dragged out whenever the trash from hell want more money. I believe the need for sidewalks was used for selling the upcoming $800 mil KCMO April ballot bond deal as well.

Using sick children to express the hated for Trump and feed the public there endless crap is KCK at its core. As for Fox 4, shameful and disgraceful use of your position. But, of course this isn't the first time.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that the media stirs this crap up, there isn't an administration around that would send this kid away before he's done with his treatment. There's an exception for this very thing and yet they run with it...shameful