Friday, February 17, 2017

The Next Seinfeld At Stanfords???

Quick PROMO note from our pal Craig regarding his weekend plans . . .

Is Adam Newman The Next 'Seinfeld'??? -- Stanfords This Weekend

Adam Newman has that 'look' of Big Jerry. Seinfeld that is, but his comedy is a bit more naughty. Newman stars on Comedy Central's hit show @Midnight. Adam also has joined the cast this past season of HBO's smash hit, Silicon Valley. Newman's netflix special is a blast, he has two now, and his Comedy Central Special was great.

He is one of those rare stand up comics that make stories on 'ladies squirting' sound 'tasteful' if thats possible. Newman's big break came on David Letterman Show a few years back where he just killed it and got tons of offers. This will be Adam's first time to Kansas City, so far he likes it..'boy you guys have some great winter weather...' hah.

Adam Newman will take the stage at Stanfords Comedy Club at Legends this weekend. Stanfords has an all girls comedy show Sunday with Mearett Lemons and her pick of best mid west comedy gals...'The Lady Bunch.'

Coming up, Jordon Rock, yes Chris Rock's youngest brother and star of hit show, 'Love.' Also the return of Todd Bridges, 'Different Strokes,' fresh from his 2 year Vegas run. For tickets call the club at 913 400 7500 or online