Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Raquel Rischard reminds us to never forget our passion as hottie photographer who also photographs hotties inspires this collection of Kansas City mainstream media links right now. Take a peek:

Kansas City 1st Responder Winning
Mother, child escape house fire on East 12th Terrace
Show-Me More Terrorist Testimony
Neighbors of MO man charged with supporting ISIS are in shock, say he was a "family guy"
Crime News Buried Today
KC police investigate armed carjacking at Troost Avenue gas station
EPIC Kansas City Northland Lady Crash
Woman accidentally drives into Zona Rosa Zales store when she hits wrong pedal
Third Choice College Closer To Home
Park University set to open a campus in Lenexa's new City Hall building
Celebrate The Local Airport Dictator
Southwest celebrates 35 years with KCI, hopes for more growth
Kansas City Tech Money Contest
LaunchKC to offer $100K grand prize; applications begin in 1 week
And this is the OPEN THREAD for the afternoon . . .


The Captain said...

Two from fox, two from the paper and hot booty all around.

I like the cut of your jib!

Anonymous said...

Life's a beach when you're a nice piece of poon.

Anonymous said...

Attacking our children by not letting them use the bathroom they desire … is no way to say you support and respect LGBTQ people!

Anonymous said...

I smell a rat.. the city admin of Lenexa is a park college alum

Anonymous said...

Move Southwest to "A" let them have the whole place to themselves. Problem solved.