Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Kansas City Tuesday Link Workout

Quick peek at way more than a handful of important Kansas City afternoon links inspired by Leanne Crow hotness. Take a peek:

More Kansas City La Migra Fear
Department of Homeland Security announces increased immigration enforcement
Show-Me STL Baby Killing Fight
GOP-backed House bill would strike down St. Louis' 'abortion sanctuary city' law
Rock Chalk Political Cash Smack Down
Kansas House Shoots Down Campaign Donation Increase
Golden Ghetto Gunfire Aftermath
Case against man charged in Shawnee Wal-Mart shooting will move to trial
South Kansas City School Options???
Where rich Cerner meets the strapped Hickman Mills district, charter schools may rise
Retail Worries Persist Across The Bridge
Zona Rosa for sale? Costco and 6 other Northland updates
After Work Time For Some Brewskies
Westport's newest bar 'HopCat' opens Saturday with 100 taps of craft beer
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

If retail is not hardware or groceries it isn't a smart move.

Anonymous said...

No one who is or will be working at the Cerner campus will be either living in or sending their kids to school in south KCMO.
In fact, most of them won't even be living in Missouri, just taking I-435/470 east to Bannister Road every day as they drive in from Johnson County.
Safe neighborhoods, great schools, well-run cities, well-maintained public utilities, streets, parks, and other facilities...
and a nice salary and benefits at Cerner.
Meanwhile a couple of the richest people in the metro and one of the wealthiest corporations will be doing even better with the benefit of tax subsidies of around $1.5 billion from KCMO, the library, schools, and other taxing jurisdictions.
Another "development" where the KC electeds left the meeting wearing nothing but big smiles and their socks.
How's Mike's hotel coming?

Silverback Sly said...

Leanne Crow is like a dose of salt peter

Anonymous said...

Stop showing pictures of fat chicks.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how Cerner "owns" Hilcrest between Bannister and 87th. Isn't that a public street? How can they close it with armed guards? More billionaire welfare courtesy of the Kansas City white trash taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Cerner's employees won't move into the HMSD, even though Carpenter and his parrots made that claim during the district's VOTE YES bond campaign. The District should fight charter schools as they will continue to drain public resources to fund private-like schools. Carpenter says he knows the real issues in HMSD; poverty, transience, homeless (yes many students live in local motels making them homeless), non-English speakers, and many other cultural and societal problems. YET, Mr. Carpenter and his bunch have chosen to spend money on projects that will do absolutely nothing to address these issues and do NOTHING to educate the majority of the students. These students don't need babysitting by iPAD, which is the best way to define Carpenter's vision for his magnet schools. Only smaller class size, more teachers, more community resources, more community involvement, a board in tune with the community (not catering to a superintendent), and so many other things are needed to address the needs and to educate children. Big ticket, expensive remodels, resume building pet projects, won't help. Thanks Pitch for the article! Dig deeper, there's a lot that could be covered in the HMSD and area.