Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Kansas City Sunday Early Look

Just a few highlights to start the Sunday news day. Take a peek:

Late Night Full Moon Drone Angle
Scary Highway Weekend
Wrong way driver crashes vehicle and runs on highway before being arrested
Show-Me More Missouri Kander Celebration
Missouri's Kander hopes to use national stage, 'bigger mic' to advance voting rights, Democrats
Tiller Killer Case Continues
Kansas board in lengthy legal dispute over abortion case
Sunday Movie Night At The Library
Fargo (1996)
Season Of Hype Starts Now
Are the Royals trying to win with power?
We Talked About This Earlier And Now It's News Fact . . .
UFC Kansas City Officially Announced as April FOX Card | FOX Sports
Football Fanboy Moment Of Truth
Kansas City Chiefs: What to do with Jamaal Charles? | FOX Sports
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

It's always comical to hear people talk about "narrowly losing" a political campaign to their opponent.
One person came in first and is making public policy in Washington.
The other person came in LAST and is looking for a job.
Kander doesn't seem to understand that the flip side of his desperate efforts at publicity and celebrity is that the public gets sick and tired of seeing his face and listening to him talk about an issue about which he can do absolutely NOTHING.
Please get over yourself and go away, at least for a while.
Well actually, for a long while.

Anonymous said...

kander's young face and alertness have earned him a perch among a peer group which is short on those two qualities.

he's likely getting $$$ to be there.

it gives him the appearance of being busy until his next run for elective office, perhaps in 2018.

but it's not clear that all that will do much for him in missouri.

Anonymous said...

thank goodness desiccated crone Fauxcahontas has taken over as the face of the Democrat party--

keep sticking with old people, Demos!

Byron Funkhouser said...

10:19, Our Fascist Dictator is 70 years old, & mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ Mr. Mentally Stable????

Anonymous said...

@12:10 -- Republicans vote on a candidates policies

giggly Democrat "males" like yourself only turn out to vote for cutesy boys like Barry or Kander.

Go Fauxcahontas!!!