Friday, February 10, 2017


Michelle Monaghan shows off her hot body of work at 40 and then lies about how she eats . . . Which sorta inspires this far more informative look at all the Kansas City mainstream media links right now . ..

Celebrate Internets MYTH Of Equality
KC holding meetings to implement the Digital Equity Strategic Plan
Fear Broke Rock Chalk Cutbacks
More Funding For Mental Health, Disability, Senior Services In Kansas: None Of The Above?
Show-Me Jeff City Address Crisis Cont'd
Missouri AG Hawley addresses Democrats' residency concerns, rents apartment
Celebrate Kansas City Home Show Low Exepectations
Tour a tiny home or a container home at the KC Remodel and Garden Show
Madison Flitch founder carves a furniture firm with KC stories ingrained
Season Of Hype Awaits
Kansas City Royals: Could-Be Dangerous Starting Rotation
Dead Tree Media Backs Prez Trump Protest
Editorial: Let the people speak and politicians listen
Cowtown Friday Done Gone Good News OR Take A Puppy So They Don't Kill It!!!
Puppy delivery today only in KC
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Republican Gov. Eric Greitens brings jobs to KC.

LOL watch Sly try to grab all the credit.

AutoAlert moving to downtown Kansas City from California, bringing 300 jobs
Kansas City Star - ‎38 minutes ago‎
AutoAlert, a company that deals in automotive software communications, will move its headquarters from California to downtown Kansas City, according to an announcement Friday from Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens.

Anonymous said...

Poor people hope they are prepared for some culture shock.

seanot said...

With regard to the Digital Equity Strategic Plan, could we maybe get the potholes fixed first? I guess there isn't a ribbon cutting for that so it's low priority.

Anonymous said...

Digital Strategy? According to a study by Microsoft, the average human attention span has shrunk to eight seconds -- one second less than that of a typical goldfish.

Good luck KCMO

Anonymous said...

Enough with the chicks inspire bullshit already.

Just do a fantasy girlfriendless pic of the day once a week.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Why, pray tell, would anyone listen to your bullshit advice.

Keep the bitches.

It's always about BITCHES!!

If it wasn't, then all of the chicks at fox news wouldn't be so damned hot!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^. Byron Funkhouser gets his rocks off watching Andrea Mitchell and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.