Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Kansas City Saturday Morning Look

Alice Goodwin hotness starts this important peek at all things local for mainstream media this morning.

Take a peek:

South Kansas City Love
Old Red Bridge Love Locks Attractions -
Kansas City Reality Show Shockers
Sarah DeLeon, Carolyn Heckert: 'Dateline'-Suburban Mom Had Two Killer Secrets
Give Police A Brake In Meth Town
KC motorcycle police officer injured in wreck in Independence
Show-Me Lesson In Rising Costs
Curators: UM System tuition increase a likely 'Band-Aid'
Nobody Cares About Rock Chalk Rape
As Kansas deals with legal issues, Allen Fieldhouse keeps rocking
Fear Of One Out Of Many Fast Food Poisons
McDonald's manager says bug bombs made him sick
Kansas City Box Store Kindness
Costco customers raise money for beloved door greeter
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Anonymous said...

Pile of worthless garbage

Ronald Q. McDonald said...

"McDonald's manager says bug bombs made him sick"

He'll feel a lot better wen he stops pushing for $15 per hour.

Anonymous said...

If costs at MU increase any more the only people who will be able to afford to go there will be students whose dad makes over a million dollars a year and who can afford to spend eight years on campus protesting that they've been treated unfairly.
Looks like the chickens are coming home to roost in Columbia.
Maybe a local hospital could offer free spine transplants to the current university administration.

Bob said...

Declining enrollment ought to result in cutbacks, not increased tuition. If the school was staffed for 20,000 students and now there's 15,000 students, the obvious next step is to drop staff and programs commensurately. Grievance studies departments and any professor who customarily wears a beret or a Greek fisherman's hat should be on the block.

Anonymous said...

at Mizzou...White kids will see their tuition increase, true..

but blacks will still scam free-ride "scholarships" to meet the Democrat EEO quotas...and then major in studies about "White Privilege".

Super Dave said...

Let me be clear here first I don't approve of rape anymore than I approve of rape being used to make a story line or get readers attention. Till our butt scratching prosecutors get the penalty for rape up along side kidnapping in terms of time served these thugs today will not be detered to stop it.

So a reporter from Chicago which I might add has a high rate of crimes along with murder every year wants to throw jabs at KU saying nobody cares about rape. Said reporter must not have looked at Baylors record before doing this story on their rape issues which in my opinion makes the so called case at KU rather tame in comparison if such a claim could be made to such a crime. Iowa State has as well had their own issues of rape that far from makes them innocent of anything. No Teddy Greenstein who ever the fuck he is attacks KU about rape while letting the other two mentioned schools skate. More headline attracting words while only half ass truthfully reporting the story.