Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Kansas City Saturday Look

Irina Shayk starts this Saturday afternoon at all the somewhat important Kansas City mainstream media links. Take a peek:

Kansas Cheesecake For A Good Cause
Runners strip down to their underwear to raise money for Children's Tumor Foundation
Tragic Immigrant Anniversary
When Japanese-Americans were sent to internment camps
Big Talk Amid Broke-Ass Politicos
KC budget hearing prompts calls for banks to help urban core
Best Picture Of Today's Blaze
Several people displaced after fire damages Liberty apartment building
Kansas City Training Day
Ned Yost says he's experimenting, letting Alex Gordon live out "fantasy" in center field
Community Laments Another Lady Killed
A Brush Creek vigil mourns grandmother's tragic end
Goodbye To Beloved Footballer
Community gathers to celebrate life of beloved Blue Valley football coach
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

So the urban communities want the banks to support their community. Once again, they want big government, or government to impose it's will on private companies to help out these folks.

No doubt they need it, but what bank wants to risk their money on these communities that haven't, won't and don't take care of it themselves. Business owners are afraid to open in the urban core because of crime.

2 examples, Indian Springs mall & Bannister mall, the urban core residents ran these 2 malls and their businesses into the ground.

People want to help, but they are afraid to, afraid to invest to only be robbed or burglarized or burned down for a perceived injustice.

Start taking control of your communities and investors will flock in

Anonymous said...

"But while Trump's Executive Order 13769 produced an immediate backlash, Roosevelt's Executive Order 9066 was virtually unchallenged long after he signed it on Feb...."

That is because libtards only get their panties in a bunch if the guy giving the orders isn't Democrat....

Retro ROCKER said...

6:25 is right

Anonymous said...

Those two malls raked in billions of profits over the years. I'm alive today because I didn't eat the cinnamon.