Thursday, February 02, 2017

The Kansas City Morning Link Pool

Vita Sidorkina and her SI bikini issue hotness begins our morning with this pool of links worth a look. Checkit:

Kansas City Sickness Spreads
Flu cases have spiked in the metro
The Northland Plan
Input on the Shoal Creek Valley Area Plan
Sunflower State Safety Check
Kansas may change Amber Alert system after error leads to alert not going out
Show-Me Lead Foot Trending
Highway Patrol: Total Missouri Speeding Tickets Reaches 6-Year High
Celebrate Freeze Out Treatment
Menorah Medical shows off 'cool' new way to help Kansas City cancer patients
Kansas City Kitty Report
Clay County deputy helps out cat with can stuck on head
The Pitch Reviews Better Content
The Young Pope doesn't get old, Pedro Almodóvar does Alice Munro, FX does Marvel, Fox redoes 24, and Drew Barrymore does cannibalism
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Tony's ______ City

Anonymous said...

Fill in the blank?


CocoGaugin said...

Love The Young Pope. Funny. Radical. Great musician scores. Fabulous. Costumes. Well filmed. Jude Law slays this role.

Anonymous said...

"Highway Patrol: Missouri Speeding Tickets Reach 6-Year High"

This is the real Ferguson effect. When the State spends millions protecting life and property from boons you gotta recoup that money somewhere. Bend over white boys. The yard apes won again.