Thursday, February 09, 2017

The Kansas City Lucy Link Look

Lucy Vixen and a Quick peek at all of the important Kansas City mainstream media links right now. Take a look:

Kansas City Cheapskate Shuffle
Cut Jamaal Charles or Nick Foles? How the Chiefs can free up salary-cap room
Micro Center Crime Glitch Aftermath
Police searching for suspects in Overland Park break-in
Show-Me No Cash For Repairs
As Missouri bridges and roads deteriorate, funding for repairs is nowhere in sight
Rock Chalk Fake Money Talk
Kansas Senate GOP leaders cancel budget debate
JoCo Takes It's Time
Shawnee Mission schools begin new late start program
More Local Dreaming Of A New QB
Kansas City Chiefs: 5 potential replacements for Alex Smith | FOX Sports
Love Day Pregame Starts Now . . .
6 Things To Do With Your Valentine In Kansas City This Weekend
And this is the OPEN THREAD for the afternoon . . .


Anonymous said...

My Valentine gets to suck my cock and balls this weekend.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^. When he's done sucking you, does he then stick a gerbil up your ass?

Anonymous said...

No. A raccoon.
Their claws and teeth really get me off and my asshole is big enough to accommodate.

Anonymous said...


Crimson Tide rolls!!!