Friday, February 24, 2017

The Kansas City Friday Night Cleanup

Lucy Pinder is keeping a slightly lower profile nowadays but her hotness still resonates among her many fans who admire her body of work. Accordingly, we offer these local news links that aren't as sensational as most local news coverage but still worth a look:

Kansas City Real Estate Discount Aftermath
"#Heart of KC Sale" heads to Northeast
Show-Me Book Money Burned In Missouri
Roughly $3 million in cuts for state library funding
Rock Chalk Town Hall Defiance
Kansas Members Of Congress Say They Won't Be 'Bullied' By Activist Protesters
Naming The Dead In Kansas City
Jackson County Medical Examiner's Office reopening unidentified persons cases
More Inner Sububan Gunfire 
Shooting in Raytown leaves two people injured, police take two into custody
Doggie Discrimination Report
No shirt, no shoes, no service? KCK man says store kicked him out due to service dog
Will He Forsake Fanboys???
Kansas City Royals: Eric Hosmer Does Not Owe Fans Anything
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Anonymous said...

People as a whole are getting tired of people and their dogs everywhere. It's a dog and not a child stop treating the dog like a human.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that so many people claim their dog is a "service dog" and demand to be allowed into places. As in this case the clerk didn't see a vest what is most identifiable for a service animal. Yep, the guy had paperwork and yes the clerk should have taken the time to look at it.

But in his defense, so many people use this scam you don't know who to believe. What amazes me once again is that someone who doesn't get their way go directly to the media rather than contact the clerk or the company to work out the issue. Then the media runs a story and plays "gotcha", that's why so many people hate the media.....

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^Good point

Anonymous said...

"Roughly $3 million in cuts for state library funding"

Judas Priest already! Put the library online. It isn't 1902. Get the shit in the system and quit paying millions to maintain paper. Anyone who doesn't have a phone/tablet, computer or other device probably cant read for shit anyway. Lets start a national initiative to get books and creative works in digital format and save tax payers billions across America.

Anonymous said...

yet ANOTHER Democrat special-interest scam group --people who have service-dogs.

Scammer likely hoping for a "discrimination" lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

We're not going to bully you Mr. Congressman, no sir. We got more time than you have money so don't you worry your pretty little political head over axes and pitchforks.