Friday, February 24, 2017

The Kansas City Friday Morning Look

Tribute to Brit hottie Joey Fisher and another quick roundup of some mainstream media morning links still worth a peek:

Good Times For Local Nerds
Kansas City's Toy and Miniatures Museum hosts adults-only board game night
Here's How To Waste Saturday " Budget public hearings continue Saturday
Sunflower State Drug War Continues
Kansas House advances prevention of opioid-related death
High Art in Kansas City
Masterpieces created by famous artists to go on display in new gallery at Nelson-Atkins
Weekend Of Tribute Coming Up
Neighbors remember man killed in Olathe shooting
Kansas City Culture War Cinema
A great silence comes to Topeka, a vital doc arrives at the Tivoli, Tom Ford goes home with you - and then we watch the Oscars
McTavish Makes This Weekend List
6 Completely Different Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

That crazy Olathe shooter is full of hate same as that creep Funkhouser is, so yes it was a hate crime same as when blacks kill whites it's a hate crime. Any day I expect to see a news story where Funkhouser goes off the deep end of life and kills a bunch of white people claiming he did it because they refused to go back to Europe.

Anonymous said...


2 over-easy with cinnamon buns!!!

Byron Funkhouser said...

I don't own any guns.

Anonymous said...

This weekend I'm going to circle around KC and go shop in Johnson County where you can actually walk across a retail parking lot without some boon coming up and trying to either mooch, rob or sell you something stolen.

Anonymous said...

Who said anything about using a gun stinkyhouser?

Anonymous said...

Funkenshyster is having another episode with his dementia. He'll be talking to his dead slave great uncle any minute now.

Anonymous said...

B'lieRON, "science" says the first humans known to populate America are from Asia. Besides DNA, the "American tribals" share eye "folds" (there's a term for this--you get some homework--look it up) with Asians.

So, Geronimo and the rest weren't going around squinting just to look tough!