Friday, February 24, 2017


Actually, this clip is way more mellow, masterfully produced and inspiring than the post title suggests and it provides a nice look at the enduring legacy that skater culture has established in Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

"Skater culture"

Am I missing the real message of skateboarding?

Anonymous said...

Credit where it's due, skaters helped make former Kay Barnes look ridiculous because she spent so much time focused on them. They made people realize she was petty and vindictive at times.

Anonymous said...

Look, they're not shooting up the plaza or running around in stupid, violent mobs.

Anonymous said...

Any of you guys tried the new Skaterbaum ride?

The Captain said...

Skating, drinking and fucking all for their beautiful women groupies.

THAT is the life my friend.

I like the cut of their jib!