Thursday, February 16, 2017

Show-Me School Choice Missouri Fight

GOP Hegemony threatens to transform schools throughout the State . . . Just for balance, here's an enthusiastic write-up of the trend as an alternative to teachers, administrators and activists spreading some reasonable fear. In Missouri, The Stars Align for School Choice


Anonymous said...

There goes the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

In Democrat Bizarro world..

You must be "pro-choice" when whacking a baby

But "Anti-choice" when sending your kids to anywhere other than a Democrat greedy teachers union slobs taught school.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ You must be a women hating, racist, possibly in-bred, obese snowflake.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ LOL you must be a giggly Democrat "male" butthurt sore-loser, with your panties in a bunch over President Trump and the Republican sweep.

pls keep up your whining, snowflake-- it's a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Geiten is sucking Betsy DeVos's dick.