Friday, February 03, 2017

Show-Me Organized Labor Survival Tactics At The Dawn Of Missouri Right To Work

At this point, the local union leaders are already coping with a serious hit to their finances that right to work would impose . . . Check this VERY SMART write-up on the consequences of this legislation and how local labor will deal with it . . . Fight or adapt: Right to work delivers tough choices for Missouri's labor unions


Anonymous said...

I'm for "Right To Work" only because I don't like paying Union Dues and then seeing that dues go to support some political candidate whose polices and views I don't agree with.

One of many loss or lowering of wages comes from the legal immigration of low skilled workers. It's a ploy by the political leaders to keep wages low.

If Unions really want to help the American worker, above statements would be two suggestions they could work toward. Oh but wait, the SEIU Union is full of dues paying legal and illegal immigrants. They can't do away with that.

It's like talking out of both sides of their mouth.

Anonymous said...

My Twinkies and Cup Cakes will taste the same whether made by a Union member or an illegal so what the hell.