Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Another day in the culture war of words finds a native Kansas City area politico getting the best of his Internets opposition . . . And still, not a single mainstream media outlet and only our TKC blog community has asked about why he broke his promise to run for MO SecState reelection . . . Curt Schilling Gets Smacked Down on Twitter After Questioning Veteran's Military Service


Anonymous said...

Kander still lost his election campaign, have fun w/ twitter though...

Anonymous said...

Again, that is not what Trump said. What he did say was, "Why are we sending our great solders to fight a war we do not intend to win?"

Byron Funkhouser said...

Gut checking is not information, it's intuition.

Der Fuhrer spracht:
Believe me, no one understands ISIS better than me.
Believe me, no one understands the tax code better than me.
Believe me, no one respects the First Amendment more than me.
Believe me, no one respects women more than me.
Believe me, our cities are a disaster.
Believe me, our military is a disaster.
Believe me, ObamaCare is a disaster.
Believe me, NAFTA is a disaster.
Believe me ...

Nein, mein Fuhrer.

Anonymous said...

Don't ever visit that site -
you'll get shot before you get through the headline.
Page full of nothing but haters.

Don't send me there again T.

Anonymous said...

Schilling is a typical Right-wing Cuck. Most of them never served a day in the military, our doofus president included, and they are the first to spout off about things they have no idea about. Ignorant people & twitter what a combination.

Anonymous said...

Schilling is a true piece of shit who proves it with great regularity.

Anonymous said...

What are their views on unsolicited bulk e-mail?

Anonymous said...

Byron Funkhouser. Believe me, I had a job. Then I retired with pride! (didn't need a crook union either)

My kids went to great schools, I paid for that.

My folks have great health homes. I pay my full share for that.

What have you ever done? Your Kids deny you, your family can't get away from you.

What do you do?

Anonymous said...

Byron will never respond^^^^^

Anonymous said...

@3:48 - like our former President, a community organizer who can't even pronounce "corpsman" correctly.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Schilling. I'm a proud Vet. I was a Paratrooper with the 82nd ABN Div. I've always said that no matter what MOS anyone who has ever served still has a more steam with me that anyone who has not.

Anonymous said...

Like the majority of the world's populace, U.S. residents are fairly peaceable. But, 5:34, we know there's well known bad apples who have special notations NOW on their DD214s!

Tim McVeigh: OKC-Murrah Fed. Bldg. truck bomb

Nidal Malik Hasan: Ft. Hood mass shooting

Micah Xavier Johnson: mass shooting of Dallas police officers

Along with some others in various disciplinary barracks.
Military service is not automatic sainthood. Schilling's callous, perhaps, but not a known crazed criminal.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I honor and respect our veterans, but Jason Kander was in Afghanistan no more than a few weeks, chasing financial paper trails.

The way he misrepresented his service during the Senate campaign was COMPLETELY DISHONORABLE.

Since he LOST the election, instead of going to work, or helping Missouri residents, he's been all over the media chasing his tail, posing for photos, dropping sound bites to liberal allies and generally being a snowflake pain in the ass!

Kander Can't Deliver What Missouri Needs

Anonymous said...

Kander would have a better chance than Claire.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Absolutely agree. Kander should challenge Clair. As for Schilling - He's a dweeb.