Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pitch Asks KCPD Police Sex Questions

An interesting bit of speculation journalism that's worth a look from our favorite alternative publication . . . The effort to exonerate Lamonte McIntyre raises questions about whether the KCK police department tolerated a detective's sexual misconduct


Anonymous said...

Typical. That's why they need to hire a chief from the outside.

Anonymous said...

At least KCPD cleared homicides back then.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you for a fact, the former DA, top judges and top law enforcement officers conspired to frame three people I know. I was in the courtrooms and it was unbelievable how they orchestrated the frame-ups. They had employees working for the UG make false statements, redacted statements, officers lied under oath and the judge didn't allow evidence that would have thrown the cases out of court. It was all political.

The courthouse, some police and sheriffs offices are cesspools of corruption. A few law enforcement officers who go along to get along to get perks and promotions are the worst. The DA's and judges should be the ones in jail. There's no justice in Wyandotte for those who know what really goes on when they get their claws into you. There's no attorney that will stand up against them for any price. Everyone is threatened to make things go their way. Nothing but lies and criminal actions run the city.

For those of you that actually vote, noticed how there are no choices on the ballot for the judges and DA's appointments. This is by design. These thirty year careers are bought and paid for. And the citizens are the ones who are paying to have their lives destroyed if they dare cross any line that expose them.