Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Mary Sanchez Offers Token Consideration Of 'Dreamers' Against La Migra In Kansas City

Born and raised in the suburbs . . . This Dead Tree Media columnist applies Democratic National Committee talking points to a nuanced local problem and pretty much ignores the sordid subject of intercultural rivalry and the fact that hope for the power of the Latino vote has fizzled since Hillary Clinton's historic loss and now progressives have adopted Muslims as their new pet cause.


Word to Westside culture . . . We always love shutting the door behind us.

Anyhoo . . . Here's a peek at this lady playing the only card she knows . . .

Mary Sanchez: Stuck in immigration limbo, Dreamers are losing patience


Anonymous said...

First- kudos to Mary for not yelling at the top of her lungs.
Second- no passion. No call to action. I read it and ho hum.
Third- Aren't those Pats the best? Roger the clown is the most despised village idiot now.

Byron Funkhouser said...

The Progressives didn't chose Muslims, Der Fuhrer did that. We're simply opposing him.

The new Labor Secretary has an undocumented worker, because the gentry love having servants of color to punctuate the class divide.

This is the immigration policy that they want.

The power to bully into submission by threatening deportation.

chuck said...

The reason people are "losing their patience" is NOT, as Mary would have you believe, that evil white Americans hate Mexicans, it is, because border security and the right of this nation to control it's borders is by definition, part of what being a country is.

The hoops that the entire country, brown and white alike, are forced to jump through, trying to ameliorate this problem, are a direct result of the abrogation of the Rule Of Law, by not only illegal immigrants, but by Democrats who want the expected benefits of votes from Mexicans and all refugees, but also by Republicans, who want cheap labor for their crony butt buddies who pay for their elections.

Mary and the left, will make this all about Racist White People and, like her many Socialist/Thug/Brown-Shirts and the Main Stream Media, will incite violence against those who seek the reinstatement of the Rule Of Law and don't agree with open borders, globalist ideology.

Americans and the American President, love him or hate him, have a categorical right to secure the border and effect national laws on the books that restrict and control immigration into the US.

Fuckin period.

Some day soon, the incessant calls for violence against those who don't agree with the Progressive, Propaganda from Democrat Demagogues, will back fire in some city, where, like in San Jose, the police chief, because of his politics, had his officers stand down, while Trump supporters were beaten, spit on, intimidated, egged and humiliated.

Self defense is still, as I understand it, allowed in this country.

Those cowards who would suspend the rights to Free Speech and the Rigth Of Assembly believe that they understand the sound of breaking bones, the spray of arterial blood some 20 to 30 feet, the broken teeth, the internal injuries and the pop, that's right the pop a knife makes when pushed past the skin into the body.

Keep that shit out on the coast, where you are safe and, of course, like you cowards always do, make sure you strike from behind, women and the defenseless in overwhelming numbers.

chuck said...

One more time, fuck you.

Anonymous said...

Dirty sanchez and the la cuca raza dreamers better wake up. Trump won the presidency because enough people are sick of them and the entitlement by these illegal aliens. Plenty of immigrants came to this country and played by the rules to become US citizens and these illegal aliens are not above the law.

Anonymous said...

Mexico needs to get it's shit together and take care of it's own people and citizens. That's the bottom line.

Anonymous said...


When I was just a toddler, my parents were the infamous Midwest bank robbing duo known as Bonnie and Clyde 2.0, who struck multiple times throughout the region.

With the money they stole, my parents provided a nice middle-class upbringing for my siblings and I. Until they were eventually discovered, almost by accident, all of our friends and neighbors knew my parents to be hardworking, honest, law-abiding people.

So any way, I'm writing this message to make the case that my siblings and I should've been able to keep the money which my parents robbed from the banks. I mean, we took no part in the original crime, and up until the time they were arrested, we had no knowledge that we'd been benefiting from the stolen money.

You understand, and are sympathetic to my plight, aren't you? Thanks! So what I need you to do, is to contact your Congressman and pledge your support for allowing us to keep the stolen loot. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Funkhouser is blustering demagoguery again. Anyone that tries to stop he and his ilk from the teet of public assistance is a "bully". Same old b.s.

Anonymous said...

The real question is why listen to these whiny losers? Follow the rules, get the fuck out or just fucking die already.

Anonymous said...

As usual, Chuck nails it!

Anonymous said...

They're not stuck in immigration limbo. They're here illegally but thought it'd pay off before 0bama left or when Hillary took over. They don't like that their days of easy money might be almost over and they'll have to take themselves and their children (wherever born) back south of the American border to wherever they came from. Go make that place better and quit trashing up my country. Americans will cook in restaurants, clean in hotels, work in meatpacking and on any assembly line. Go home!

Anonymous said...

It is beyond belief that a newspaper employee can advocate illegal activity and does not lose her job. What is it about the word illegal that Mary does not understand. Stealing is illegal, is Mary also in favor of looking the other way when a thief steals. Is Bank Robbery O.K. Is murder to be overlooked. Would she praise a mugger hitting her in the face. ALL are ILLEGAL.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell isn't Narley Snatcheeze illegal??