Thursday, February 23, 2017

Lucy And The Kansas City Links Tonight

One of the best Brit hottie models adorns and inspires this look at all of the important Kansas City news links tonight. Take a peek:

Even More Streetcar Hype Coming Soon
KC Streetcar and downtown businesses prepare for Big 12 Tournament
Fair Wage Fight For Summer Dog Dayz
$15 per hour minimum wage headed to KC August ballot
Golden Ghetto Intolerance Or Pride???
Shawnee Mission North is proud of its "Indians" and not willing to surrender.
Double Shooting Across State Line Tonight
Two people injured in shooting near 24th and Parallel in KCK
Should We Blame Trump For Cancer???
Immigration status could jeopardize British boy's cancer treatments in Kansas City, Kan.
Help Find This JoCo Lady
Overland Park police looking for missing woman
Another Disgusting Serving In JoCo
Olathe woman finds maggots in Great Value plastic sandwhich bags, Wal-Mart denies problem
Cowtown Unity By Way Of Patchouli
At Kansas City Folk Alliance, Billy Bragg Says Music Can Bring People Together
And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

The little boy will not be denied treatment in the USA. ( P.S. why is he here if it's so great over there?)

Fake Drama, Fake News. Shame on you Fox 4 !

Greedo said...

^^^^ EXCELLENT point!

Anonymous said...

Fox 4 can't help it. They were born dumb and useless, so the only field open to them was journalism.

Anonymous said...

RE: $15 per hour minimum wage headed to KC August ballot

It occurs to me that if Terrence Wise (local $15/hr protest leader) had put his efforts toward actually improving his life over the last couple of years, he could have already finished college, or a training program for a skilled trade, or been successful in the military.

If he's so unhappy, and under-appreciated in the fast-food industry, why does he stay there?