Wednesday, February 01, 2017

KCP&L & Westtar Merger Chaos Awaits

Job cuts, shut downs, rising rates and more trouble are part of this corporate move that's soon to get a rubber stamp. Take a look: Westar acquisition hearing: Concerns about shielding subsidiaries and bond ratings dominate


Anonymous said...

You have to shake your head at the logic. We will give you no better quality electricity than you are getting right now. We will charge you more until you are homeless. We thank you and our stock holders will thank you in the long run. After all we are robbing the poor and giving to the rich. Have a nice life now. PS: We do believe this will have a positive environmental impact and the green turd butterfly will no longer be threatened with extinction. God Bless you.

CocoGaugin said...

This is very disturbing. This will affect thousands upon thousands sending most spiraling with no way out.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter !!!!

Vast majority of KCMO / Jackson County Residents are too stupid to READ their Electric bills every month and understand them !!!

They know that , that's how they constantly jack up the rates.

Majority of KCMO Residents don't even bother to pay attention to when theres a public hearing on rate increases nor care, they have all kinds of excuses as to why they can't show up to the public hearings to voice their concerns !!!

BUT, these same clueless Dimwits can amazingly find all kinds of time to attend SPORTS GAMES at Arrowhead stadium or the Royals,,,,NOT a problem and they'll wait in line for hours !!!

BUT attend anything that'll affect them for years to come like a KCP&L or MG&E rate hike,,,, their out to lunch !!

They can find time to take their Naïve, clueless Degenerate Asses to the AIRPORT tho, to protest against something they know NOTHING ABOUT, because TRUMP did it,,,,,

BUT - Back when O'bama did it, they were no where to be found

shows just what a bunch of Degenerate Dumb Fucks they really are !!

Wait until they start getting their $600.00 to $900.00 a month Electric Bills !!!

Then that $15.00 an hour will be useless !

Add on KCMO Mayor SLY JAMES $800 Million Dollar TAX Increase , along with Slys' purposed Sales TAX Increase and soon they'll be demanding $75.00 an hour to work,,,, watch and see !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup',,, $75.00 an hour to work at fast food junk food places, its comin' !!!

Get Your signs ready ,,,, $75.00 an hour or NO WORK from me,,,,,,

I can already see it !

Yet these same clueless Degenerate Naïve O'bama Degenerates are never anywhere, DEMANDING TAX CUTS or TAX DECRESES !!

Nor demanding their city officials be held accountable for their mis-spending and lying to the citizens their supposed to represent !

No Prostestors to be found,,,,, anywhere !!!!!