Thursday, February 02, 2017

Kansas SecState Kobach Demands Local Illegal Immigration Crackdown, Too

Small towns in Kansas are dying without the influx of ILLEGAL immigrants . . . Here's the plan further reduce the population of a flyover country state that has always had trouble attracting residents . . . Kobach crafts bills to target illegal immigration in Kansas


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. I hope it's like Canada where they don't take any bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Can you rubes not see through this bullshit? They've had 30 years to go to Garden City, Liberal, and Olathe where they could get illegals by the thousands. But they don't. Why is that? American companies want them here and they lobby the Republican government of Kansas to keep them here.

nancy john said...

Canadian immigration is the dream for many immigrants who wish to get bright future

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