Saturday, February 25, 2017

Kansas City Saturday Hindu Pride!!!

Along with typical criticism of the TV reality show Prez . . . Here's a brief cultural passage that's exceptionally interesting beyond all the political hype . ..

On Saturday, leaders in India's Hindu community urged male Indian nationals abroad to wear "tika," a mark on the forehead that identifies them as Hindu. Hindu women were encouraged to wear the red dot on their foreheads known as "bindi."

Indian Press, Social Media Buzzing With News Of Olathe Shooting


Anonymous said...

Bet's this guy was a Trump supporter?

Anonymous said...

Killing when it's not self-defense, is wrong.

^^3:39, So, you BET'S the Tsarnaev Bros. (Boston Marathon bombs), Farook and Malik (San Bernardino mass killers), and Mateen (Pulse club/Orlando mass killer) were all Hilly supporters, huh?

Anonymous said...

Bet all the thugs in Chicago, KC, Detroit, killing people weren't? Stupid fucker.

Anonymous said...

Shortly after first seeing the initial reports of this shooting on TV news, I said out loud to the others in the room, they'll quickly turn this into an anti-Trump thing.

Sure enough, as of Friday, the media is crafting a narrative that it must be Trump's fault somehow.

Liberal lame-stream media is so predictable!

Anonymous said...

Keep whining libtards you are sending thousands of votes to the right.