Sunday, February 26, 2017

Celebrate Kansas City Oscar Night 2017!!!

Quick occasion to take a pause this evening . . .

Given that Jimmy Kimmel lost his edge in hosting the overtly political but still big money Oscar ceremony . . . Our blog community couldn't care less about the Academy Awards.

To quote comic genius Louie C.K. in routine that's strangely appropriate: "Movies are all sh*t now."

Still, we'll use just a small bit of our cowtown creativity to make this thing local given that Prez Trump controversy might have saved the Oscars this year.

Also because TKC blog community fave Rosie Jones remains hotter than any starlet on the red carpet.

To wit . . .



Best Supporting Actress: Councilwoman Jolie Justus

A surprise tour-de-force performance backing up Mayor Sly James with a great deal of melodrama. 

Best Special FX: Kansas City Single-Terminal Airport Proposal

Hollywood style accounting powers this smoke and mirrors campaign trying to meet a demand that doesn't really exist.

Best Short: Downtown Toy Train Streetcar

A big budget thrill-ride over a very short time frame.

Best Screenplay: Steve Glorioso

For his creative, captivating and ultimately persuasive fictions in so many Kansas City tax campaigns. 

Best Movie: Hidden Figures (Real Downtown "Renaissance" Costs)

This isn't an inspiring story groundbreaking work and/or revisionist history only now seeing spotlight . . . Instead, Kansas City Downtown deal-making and the "Hidden Figures" backing up this money grab is all about broken promises (like a pro-team inside the loop) and so much cash shifted away from KCMO neighborhoods to support crony capitalist tax breaks.

And so, the show continues tonight, tomorrow and so on . . . Feel free to add suggestions as we take a pause until the morning update.


Anonymous said...

They don't serve snack cakes at Spago.

BUT there are a lot of Mexicans in the kitchen.

Life is give and take TKC.

Anonymous said...

Streep is butt ugly.

Doesn't matter what dress Lagerfield thinks she should wear.

Anonymous said...

As soon as we revise the Copyright Act of 1978 and The Digital Millinium Copy Right Act we will free Americans to enjoy the arts for free, make filke sharing fair use, forbid the MPAA and RIAA from suing citizens for watching and sharing creative content they have already purchased and ring Hollywood's doorbell in a huge way by placing a three year limit on copyrights and reverting all related works to the public domain. Merry Christmas ass holes. That payback is a bitch ain't it?

Anonymous said...

FUCK the oscars and everyone involved with it and everyone that was stupid enough to
spend 1 second Watching those crybaby faggots.

Anonymous said...

Really.... Justus and Gloriasshole in the same post? Yaaak puke baarff . Hair lips!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nope, didn't have our teevee tuned into those
LIMOUSINE LIBERALS (great tag for all those pretentious Hollyweirdos-that means you too, LEONARDO!)

Anonymous said...

Most breathtakingly unbelievable fictional fake news blog:

The unanimous choice.

Winner of the Golden Turd.

Anonymous said...

Excellent posting from TKC tonight!

Hard to compete with The Devil In Miss Jones (2nd photo).

BEST HYPOCRITE in the category of Local Fake News Purveyors Who Take Tax Incentives = KC Red Star

BEST STUNT LEAP onto a sinking ship = Tony Berg, editor KC Red Star

BEST BREAKING OF A PUBLIC PROMISE = Tony Berg/Colleen Nelson for promising their new editorial board would be politically balanced.

BEST COMEBACK from a liberal's brainwashing = KCPT's Ruckus, who listened to reason and returned to a weekly balanced panel.

BEST PUBLIC SANCTUARY for the Literate = KC Downtown Public Library

BEST EXAMPLE OF BLIGHT DESIGNATION misuse = Plaza's Intercontinental Hotel

BEST CORPORATE CRONY RELATIONSHIP = Burns and McDonnell donating to Mayor James in exchange for the city building them a new headquarters.

BEST CITIZEN WATCHDOG = an unaffiliated collaboration between CFRG, Show-Me Institute, and the TKC blog.

BEST NEW ENTRANT into the field of ONLINE JOURNALISM = The Sentinel


BEST PROPAGANDA Line to hike taxes = Puppies and Pavement

BEST DRAMATIC PERFORMANCE by a City Council member caught on tape = Alissia Canady refusing a direct police order, while driving on month's old expired tags.

Anonymous said...

Bravo 10:55! Very well done.

Anonymous said...

OMG^^^^ Winner, winner, winner! I will buy you a drink!

Anonymous said...

And the OSCAR goes to.... 10:55 !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Damn it Tony I know what a store front looks like!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oscars went as expected. Boons got up and bitched about not winning more Orcars they can pawn when they get old and want so Gin and damned if the pandering Hollywood libtards didn't give them Oscars.

Anonymous said...

Tonight as we watched Hollywood die on the big stage, I recalled when movie stars had beautiful faces, actors didn't get buggie eyes from a doctor, look homeless, clothes that fit, women who wore jewelry they owned and has-beens had the grace to stay home.

What I saw tonight was a group of who had their dreams come true...they now work for a studio owners who are from a real communist country. They can give honors to all the actors who think snot running down their faces is award worthy. I for one, will not give them another 10 bucks for depressing the hell out of me.

Tomorrow it's goodbye cable and movie channels. Going back to reading books. The $1500 or so I will be saving, I'll gladly pass on the people who need it.

Anonymous said...

You can get some damn good books for 1500.00

Anonymous said...

Did Faye Dunaway pull a 'Network', i.e., anything for ratings?

Anonymous said...

Jolly Justice get started on the airport. Make sure that the law is followed on taking care of buried human remains.

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