Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kansas City Jazz Renaissance???

An upcoming local even ACTUALLY features A-List talent in an Oscar-caliber movie . . . Here's just a bit of good news for the hundreds of MILLIONS KCMO has invested in the Jazz Scene over the years. Take a look: The Kansas City Jazz and Heritage Festival bows in May - with Janelle MonĂ¡e headlining


Anonymous said...

Be sure to wear your Kevlar®.

dayton said...

hidden figures was revisionist propaganda, janelle, cant name a song she does, just another lumanarie picked by the kabal to be promoted and pushed, there are probabbly talented and proficient musicans in town and around the country, and she is, but she was just chosen by the chosen ones to be plastered all over media.

Anonymous said...

My comments are about Janelle Monae'. She is such a great entertainer, singer and actress. And she is a great ambassador for her hometown of KCKs. I hope all would celebrate this lovely, talented young lady!