Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Kansas City Double Child Murder Aftermath

On this Tuesday dedicated to love . . . Here's a glimpse at tragedy and the ongoing search for justice . . . Family of two little boys killed in Kansas City push for justice six months after double homicide


Anonymous said...

Isn't the black community a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

" I din't see nuffin'. "

Anonymous said...

There are people who know who did this and those pieces of shit won't talk or cooperate. This is beyond disgusting, that grown-ass adults are too damned afraid or stupid or selfish to speak up and turn in the animal(s) who murdered these children. No family should have to go through this and I feel so badly for them. Shame on those who know but won't tell. Gee, we wouldn't want you to break that no-snitch rule you assholes cling to in order to avoid being decent human beings and possibly doing the right thing.